Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd


Excellent design and quality

Omega Fabrication’s Trim and Form products will increase yields, reduce ownership cost and improve your investments. Our process support and knowledge will help you through the entire process so you can improve current processes and make the transition to new packages easily. Because of the clever, compact designs of the tools, you will need lesser floor space for trim and form processes in your company. Since the design is modular, it is possible to combine several off-loaders and loaders. Similarly, extra assembly processes and modules can also be linked easily.


Made to specification

Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd can trim and form components exactly according to your specifications. The components will be delivered ready to use and we can also produce individual tooling as per your request. Parts can also be re-packed as needed in trays, reel and tape as per your customized individual needs. With our experience and our industry knowledge of trim and form systems, we understand your needs very well and always try to deliver solutions that match your needs perfectly.


Our capabilities

Our capabilities in trim and form range from manual to fully automatic processing, forming and cropping capabilities, passive and active component processing, stand off and snap in forms and radial to axel lead forming servicing among others. Omega Fabrication also offers the services of its engineering and design staff members to its clients to ensure that the final product will be manufactured according to the individual processes and specifications of the clients.


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