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Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd’s machining services are delivered using technologically advanced, top of the line equipment and a team of highly skilled employees that know just how to work with almost every type of machine. Our clients receive dedicated, professional services for repair, emergency work and regular shop work. Our quick conversational programming means maximum production can be delivered on all CNC machining equipment.


Our services

At Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd, our machining services currently include large capacity horizontal and vertical boring mills, planer mills, drill presses, conventional and CNC engine lathes and much more. Because of our extensive experience, we are capable of machining a wide variety of parts of all sizes and shapes. The versatility of our machining and gearing services allows us the ability to deliver excellent precision and economy. Each job is completed with the highest quality results and according to the specifications of our clients.


High quality services

Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd has been delivering machining services since we first started our operations. Over the years we have increased our capacity when it comes to machining from smaller prototype parts to production runs of large quantities. Today we have a wide range of machine tools, from CNC to manual. However, what really sets us apart from others is the quality we deliver. Our in house quality control team is dedicated to ensure that all your products will be made according to your individual needs.


We are a one stop destination for organizations looking for fabrication, mechanical repair, welding and machining services among others. This eliminates the need for moving jobs or products from one site to another. Our team consists of professionals who are always striving to excel in their field and improve upon their experience and knowledge.


Because quality of work comes first with us, strong client relationships are our priority. It’s our in-depth understanding of clients’ businesses that enables us to deliver the quality of advice and service they expect. Below are the list of clients we serve around the world.






As part of the Client SCCSR Initiative Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd. Has been audited and are pleased to confirm it has passed the audit. Audit were designed to test compliance with the five main areas identified in the EICC Code ( Labour , Health and Safety , Environmental , Management System , Ethics ) and the previous commitments made to comply with the principals of the Client SCCSR letter.