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Automation Assembly



Automation Assembly

Automation assembly is a technology that is constantly being researched, developed and refined so organizations can have the most efficient and cost effective solutions for their manufacturing problems. Omega Fabrication Sdn Bhd understands that companies are driven today by increasing demands for reduced running costs, fater production and better quality. This is one of the reasons why we work hard to devise new innovations, test and deploy them for our clients. We keep pace with the new developments and deliver innovative automation assembly systems to industries throughout the world.


Helping you improve efficiency and productivity

Our automation assembly services help you improve quality, efficiency and productivity by designing and developing innovative, high tech equipment and systems that will meet even stringent demands. We help you achieve success and maximize your profits in a highly competitive economy. One of the biggest strengths of Omega Fabrication is our in-house engineering department. From the initial concept development to the final delivery, we provide all designing and manufacturing services through our modern facility. This consolidated service will ensure that consistently high quality levels are maintained throughout your entire project.

We also help your support staff and operators understand the new equipment and machinery better.

Engineers Division has been established since year 2007. With expertise of our experience Design Engineers, Automation Assembly Engineers and Development Engineers of more than 10 years engineering capabilities have generated more Automation Assembly Modules units remarkably in SEMI CON INDUSTRIES.


Experienced and creative engineers

Omega Fabrication builds and designs customized automation assembly systems for various industries and clients throughout the world. Our engineers are highly creative and experienced when it comes to developing new concepts as well as redesigning existing assemblies so that our clients’ products are profitable and better quality. From simply gauges and fixtures to turnkey automated machinery and automation assembly equipment, Omega Fabrication is the best choice available today for designing and building your projects. Our robust and innovative designs, controls and precision machining expertise allows us to consistently provide customers with long lasting, reliable equipment.